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Just follow these three simple steps:

  • 1. Provide your information & tell us what happened.
  • 2. Provide any additional information & review.
  • 3. Receive a claims number – an adjuster will contact you.
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If your vehicle is not drivable, you must take all reasonable measures to have your vehicle moved to a storage free location. Bridger will NOT be responsible for towing and/or storage charges that are unreasonable, even if we confirm coverage. It is your legal duty to mitigate any towing and storage charges for your vehicle.

Si su vehículo no es manejable, debe tomar todas las medidas necesarias para que su vehículo sea trasladado a un lugar de almacenamiento libre. Bridger NO será responsable de los cargos de remolque y almacenamiento que no sean razonables, incluso si confirmamos la cobertura. Es su obligación legal de mitigar los cargos de remolque y almacenamiento de su vehículo.